Village of Seven Springs

My journey across West Bank in November 2015 and November 2016 resulted from interest in mechanism of occupation and non-violent resistance development against it. I was guided to the Occupied Territories of West Bank by both Palestinians and by Israelis.
For fifty years Palestine has been occupied by Israel and has been facing rapid growth of illegal Israeli settlements. In the last thirty years there were two Palestinian uprisings, during which thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israeli were killed. The barrier wall has been established by Israel in three areas of the West Bank dividing the land.
The Palestinians are restrained from traveling to nearby villages due to system of walls, they are still humiliated on daily basis at checkpoints, arrested without trial and they loose their land to settlers and the Israeli Land Authority.
The set of information includes among others the images of objects found along the Wall in East Jerusalem. The objects of used things neither give clue about it owners nor signify or comment on social or historical situation. They were collected randomly and composed to re-appropriate and subvert to the landscapes where they may stamm from.

Resistance can be the only thing people under oppression do in order to bring a positive change for their lifestyle, surrounding or community.
text written in December 2016

Thank you :
Ruthie Guinsburg , Mischa Kirchner
Kurve Wustrow e.V; Breaking the Silence
Youth Against Settlements Hebron ;
Issa Amro , Ala Hilo
Elisa Calore