Prelude - the first time I drowned

After spending some weeks by sea rescue in summer 2023, I am looking for an angle how i can approach the topic of migration or rather the disaster of human rights, from which the western world has turned its back. Looking at the empty boats left on the sea after the refugees were rescued or pulled back, I am open reflection and setting parallel to the mythological figures, who transports the souls through the river to underground.
As people migrate, in a need for shalter in the ports of safety, as so the images do. People fleeing wars and poverty often cannot cross frontiers - but the images, phone or facebook messages can. Very inspired by Report of Sally Hayden, who explores the lives of people stuck under the control of traffickers in Lybia, militias, the UN, and lets them speak to us as full human beings: hungry, ill, and often doomed in their quest for safety. She gets the terrible truth out to a world that has been far too indifferent.