Karolina Sobel Photography


Karolina Sobel (born in Tychy, Poland in 1987, lives in Karlsruhe) is a photographer. Educated as an urbanist, studying at the Technical University of Darmstadt, she finally dedicated herself to Media Art at University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe. She accomplished study visits at EHESS in Paris, IUAV in Venice and some residencies. Since 2010 Karolina has worked as freelance assistant for photographers in Frankfurt, Paris and Stuttgart. Ever-since she works for different clients specialising on documentations, editorials, events, portraits.

In her personal projects, Karolina is analyzing through photography and video the heterogeneous social topics in local contexts such as identity, forming of social groups and social exclusion. Her interest concerns the the display and installation modes of photography and video, and how the documentarian approach through an artistic context of display can be changed and rearranged in new meanings.

Her graduation project 'If U are ok I am ok‘ stages the intimacy and concept of care - care for self as well the care for each other. The work consists of photographic portraits of Warsaw´s LGBTQ+ scene and urban landscapes as well as video, sound and research materials.

Since 2015 she is a part of BFF (Association of Freelance Photographers in Germany)

More of her artistic projects can be found at www.karolab.com

Foto: Wolfram Scheible